Community Care North East is a specialist agency providing domiciliary (home) care to the elderly in the North East.

They are also providers of Home Care by Social Services & PCT and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

CCNE is a family run business with commitments to provide a prompt and personal quality service. CCNE provides personal and domestic assistance so you as a client can stay in your own home for as long as you desire while receiving the necessary support from us. A strong emphasis is placed on our staff to assist the client but also allow them to be as independent as possible. CCNE takes pride in its reputation as a caring firm providing a first class service.

We rapidly became a major provider of home care in County Durham, contracting with Durham & Gateshead Council.

Serving the following geographical areas:-

CCNE shall continue to strive for excellence in Home Care, investing in its workforce to accomplish this, as we recognise that the workforce plays a vital role in our future.

CCNE aims to be the largest independent Home Care provider in County Durham and Gateshead while maintaining a quality service at all times. By investing in the future we aim to provide a five star quality service to you as a client, provided by fully trained, competent and caring staff.

CCNE shall ensure satisfaction by ensuring you as a client and your respective needs are suitably matched to the carer. CCNE shall continue to improve the ways in which it monitors the service provision.

CCNE shall guarantee that staff recruited to be carers are sufficiently trained, have the necessary experience and maturity and are given further assistance in training to enable them to fulfill their duties effectively, efficiently and professionally.

CCNE shall respond to emergencies without delay and provide a safe environment for both carers and clients.

CCNE aims to support your wish to remain at home and to make you as a client, feel wanted and valued.

CCNE aims to encourage your individuality and independence whilst respecting your confidentiality.

CCNE aims to do all it can to extend your independence and enable you as a client to exercise as many choices as possible.

CCNE are available 24/7 but standard office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.